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Hamburg makes parking easy – Deutsche Telekom helps drivers find, book and pay for parking spaces


  • New Smart City solution exhibited at CEBIT
  • Easy and hassle-free location of connected parking spaces via app
  • Hamburg and Deutsche Telekom digitize up to 11,000 parking spaces

The nerve-wracking search for a parking space will soon be a thing of the past in Hamburg, Germany. Deutsche Telekom and the city of Hamburg are connecting many of the city’s parking areas so that drivers can reach their destinations quickly and without hassles. Both partners have signed a cooperation agreement that governs this project.

A smartphone app will provide drivers with information about vacant parking spaces throughout the city. Reserving spaces and paying parking fees will also be much easier in the future. To make sure that information about parking spaces will be available to drivers in real time, up to 11,000 public and private spaces, including parking garages, will be digitized. “All drivers wish that they could park their vehicles without worry and stress. We have an app that makes parking easy – you just find a parking space, book it and pay the fee – that’s all there is to it,” says Reinhard Clemens, Deutsche Telekom Board of Management member and CEO of T-Systems.

The project in Hamburg is a milestone for T-Systems, the corporate customer arm of Deutsche Telekom, because it signals the start of a digital marketplace for municipal parking spaces throughout Germany. Within a year other cities will also be able to profit from Deutsche Telekom’s digital parking service. The cloud platform in this project serves as an open marketplace that is available to all those affiliated with the parking industry.

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